Sarah McDaniel Is Playboy's First Non-Nude Cover Girl — See Her Gorgeous Eyes & Best Instagram Shots Here!

Sarah McDaniel

Instagram model Sarah McDaniel has landed the cover of the March issue of Playboy magazine — the first ever non-nude issue as part of the magazine’s relaunch.

“Loving the new style to @Playboy of #NonNude #Lifestyle magazine,” she captioned a shot of the magazine’s cover that she shared on Thursday. “I’m honored to be part of the new generation and look for Playboy Magazine.”

The 20-year-old, 5’10” stunner is quickly making waves online — not just for her natural beauty, but for her very distinct eyes.

In case you haven’t noticed, McDaniel has a genetic abnormality that’s known as Heterochromia Iridum — the scientific term for having two different color irises. Sarah’s left eye is bright blue, while her right is hazel in color, and she’s assured her quarter-million (soon to blow up) followers on Instagram that they’re not contact lenses.

Playboy’s rebranding features Sarah on the cover in what appears to be a Snapchat selfie in the magazine’s bid to appeal to a younger generation of readers.

While Sarah landed the cover, actress Mariel Hemingway’s daughter Dree has landed the distinction of being the magazine’s first non-nude Playmate. Hemingway posed nude for the magazine herself, back in 1982, while her late aunt Margeaux posed for the magazine in 1990.

Read more about Dree here; to see more of Sarah, keep going…

Sarah McDaniel

Sarah McDaniel


Sarah McDaniel


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