Scarlett Johansson Hits the Red Carpet With Her Grandma Doppelgänger

The Internet flipped out back in April when a Reddit user shared a throwback photo of his grandmother, Geraldine, who looked just like Scarlett Johansson in her younger years. The buzz got so big that Johansson herself caught wind of it: The actress was so taken aback by her likeness to Geraldine that she invited the 72-year-old to the New York City premiere of her movie, Rough Night. It was a very sweet gesture, but no one actually thought it was going to happen (well, at least I didn’t). Viral moments like that are almost always fleeting.

But Johansson was true to her word: She actually hit the Rough Night red carpet with Geraldine. (The premiere was Monday.) The two were easily the coolest pair of the evening, posing for plenty of twin pics. They even brought name signs with them just in case people couldn’t tell them apart. Check out the couple for yourself in the photo, below:

New York Premiere of Sony's ROUGH NIGHT Presented by SVEDKA Vodka

PHOTO: Jamie McCarthy

And here’s the photo of Geraldine that started it all:

There’s a lot to be excited about with Rough Night: The cast is pretty much all-female, and it was directed and co-written by a woman (Lucia Aniello). However, Johansson told E! that she think it’s “passé” to dub Rough Night a “ladies movie.”

“What’s been really funny is that I have had a lot of people saying things to me as we have been doing press for this film that it’s a ‘ladies movie’ about ‘four ladies’ and I am like ‘Well, not necessarily.’ It seems almost sort of passé that to say that is a ‘ladies movie,'” she said. “Once we can accept that women are funny and that we allow ourselves to talk about taboo subjects and take the stigma off of them, then I see it’s a lot more inclusive environment.”

And we totally agree. There’s obviously nothing wrong with making a film that unapologetically celebrates women (actually, that’s a great thing); the issue arises when people give those kinds of movies constricting titles, like “chick flick.” This sends the message that movies for women aren’t for a mainstream audience — and they absolutely are. Similar, male-dominated films (like The Hangover) aren’t placed in limiting categories, so why should Rough Night? Female entertainment isn’t niche. (Wonder Woman certainly proves that.)

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