ScHoolboy Q Pissed at United Airlines for Putting New Puppy on Wrong Flight

ScHoolboy Q

Livid with United Airlines ‘Idiots’

Where’s My Dog At?!!!

7/14/2017 6:33 PM PDT


ScHoolboy Q is down a dog, because United Airlines placed his new pooch on the wrong flight … TMZ has learned.

The rapper tells us … he bought a French Bulldog puppy that was supposed to be shipped to him from Denver Friday, but when it arrived — it was the wrong dog. He says he was pissed and contacted United about their mistake.

The rapper also tweeted at United Friday afternoon, saying … “You guys r idiots … HOW U PUT MY DOG ON THE WRONG FLIGHT???? I need answers.”

ScHoolboy tells us it’s all straightened out now, though … hopefully. United is supposed to deliver the Frenchie to his place in LA by midnight. He’s still pissed, though … and says he’s going to sue.

ScHoolboy’s got 2 other pooches at home, so the Bulldog — who he’s naming Yeerndamean — will be the third amigo.

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