Sex Doll Manufacturer Makes Widower Doll Modeled After His Deceased Wife

A 70-year-old man in China was devastated last year when his wife of 40 years died of cancer. Zhang Wenliang (an alias) tried to deal with his heartbreak in a unique way. Like any man of the future he sought the comfort of a new lover; a sex doll.

Sadly, that “woman” also left him all too soon. The $2300 sexbot was capable of making sounds and was temperature controlled. However instead of being a loving companion to comfort him, the doll broke down after just a year. Zhang threatened to sue the maker of the sex doll for the loss.

However after hearing about his situation another sex doll maker, Exdoll contacted him saying they would create a customized doll for him, this time modeled after his deceased wife. While some might find this to be morbid, Zhang jumped at the chance.

Zhang sent photographs of his wife as she appeared in her 40’s and Exdoll took a month to create the 5 foot 3 inch tall doll based on the dead woman. Some people were concerned for Mr. Zhang’s mental state when hearing that he would receive a sex doll made to look like his late wife. However a psychologist reviewed his mental state, saying:

“He had spent 40 years living with his wife. He was used to couple life. When his wife suddenly passed away, his life lost balance, so he chose to use the object to fill the void. If he did not have a replacement like this, it would not be good for him in terms of the release of negative emotion.”

While he says they got the face pretty close to match his wife there is one part of the doll that I think Zhang had them improve upon. Can you guess which part?

I fear this story is going to give a lot of deranged fellas out there the wrong idea. Some stalker is going to send the sex doll company a few pictures of a girl he is obsessed with, just to get finally bang her. And suddenly there will be all these “sad” husbands who offed their wives and are now hoping to get a subservient sex doll instead.

Would you want to have a sex doll modeled after a real person, dead or alive?

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