Shannon Briggs — Calls Out Boxing Star … You're a SUCKA!!! (VIDEO)


Shannon Briggs is declaring war on boxing champ David Haye — claiming the guy’s a “sucka” who weaseled his way out of a heavyweight fight … because he’s scared. 

Briggs says Haye PROMISED him a bout if he fought on the undercard of Haye’s last fight — so Briggs did (and won) … and now he wants to collect. 

Problem is, Haye’s running … and Briggs is calling him out. 

“He’s a SUCKA … he’s not a real fighter! He’s going back on his word.”

In fact, Briggs chased Haye down at the Carl Frampton fight in Brooklyn over the weekend — but Haye couldn’t even look him in the face to talk like a man. 

Now, Briggs is calling out the ENTIRE heavyweight division — saying he’ll fight ANYONE, ANYTIME. 


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