She-Venom Arrives in New Venom International Trailer

A new international trailer for Venom has surfaced online nearly a month after the movie first launched in theaters domestically. That means the moratorium for spoilers is more or less over with, as anyone who was truly interested in seeing the Marvel Comics adaptation has probably done so by now. As such, this latest trailer ventures into pretty interesting spoiler territory, as it officially introduces us to Michelle Williams as She-Venom.

The rest of the trailer is taking many of the action-packed moments that had already been showcased in previous trailers and clips, just repackaging them in a new way for audiences overseas. But there are a brief few seconds of footage starting at the 1:12 mark that showcases Michelle Williams bonding with the symbiote, thus creating She-Venom. It’s doesn’t come off as a terribly significant moment in the trailer, but it’s a very significant reveal for the movie overall. The scene in question takes place after Eddie Brock is separated from his symbiote and it temporarily bonds with Anne Weying (Williams) in order to make its way back to Eddie.

She-Venom, aka “The Bride of Venom,” was rumored to be included in Venom for months ahead of its release. It was one of the secrets that sort of got spoiled for those who knew what to look for online, but took many more casual moviegoers by surprise. Since Eddie Brock and Anne Weying wound up as ex-fiances during the course of the movie, the whole Bride of Venom thing may be off the table. At least for now. But this does leave the door open for the character to appear again down the line, similar to how Rhodey teased getting his own suit toward the end of Iron Man, teeing up War Machine for the sequel.

Michelle Williams said playing She-Venom would be a “dream come true” in an interview prior to the release of Venom and director Ruben Fleischer revealed that they have plans for the character. That all hinged on whether or not the first movie did well enough at the box office and, safe to say, they’re in good shape in that department. Despite the fact that critics generally didn’t embrace the movie, which isn’t in any way connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has grossed $512 million worldwide as of this writing.

Undoubtedly, Sony is very happy with that number and Venom 2 is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point. Tom Hardy revealed that he signed a three-picture deal prior to the release of the first movie. It seems likely that Michelle Williams probably signed a similar deal, so she’ll almost certainly have the chance to play She-Venom in the sequel. And since Carnage, as portrayed by Woody Harrelson, was set up as the villain, Eddie is going to need all the help he can get. Be sure to check out the international Venom trailer featuring She-Venom from the BD Horror Trailers and Clips YouTube channel for yourself below.

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