Shia LaBeouf — Love Don't Cost a Thing … Neither Did My Vegas Wedding (VIDEO)


1010_shia-labeouf_wedding-composite-2Shia LaBeouf‘s surprise Vegas wedding Monday with Mia Goth was no free love affair — but it only set the actor back a few hundred bones. 

Obviously, Shia’s got the dough to spend wayyyy more … but looks like he opted for the $700 Elvis Blue Hawaii package, which includes: 

– Elvis officiant (with 3 serenades)
– 1 hula dancer
– 6 rose bouquet for Mia, matching boutonniere for Shia
– 10 candid ceremony prints
– Courtesy round-trip limo service from any hotel on the strip or downtown

Not exactly the royal treatment — especially for an A-lister — but if you’re in the market, the Viva Las Vegas chapel offers just about everything a la carte. For instance, the hula dancer’s $100 … or the pink caddy WITH fog machine will run ya $175.

Take your savings and invest in real estate — just a tip.

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