Should Woman Who Took $125K Ring Give It Back After She Ended Engagement?

This is a story we have heard time and time again. A wealthy man agrees to take a wife, showering her with gifts and comfort with the understanding that she will reciprocate his generosity by performing her wifely duties. One elite Manhattan power player on the Upper East Side found out the hard way that women today don’t always play by the rules.

Obscene proposal.

Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura were supposed to have been married on October 29th. Sadly things did not work out that way when Amy ended the engagement. The former lovers had been dating since 2012 and lived together for over three years. That seems like a long enough time to vibe out if she is totally crazy, or just in it for money and a baby.

So Moss put a ring on it and proposed last year with a square emerald cut diamond engagement ring that cost $125,000. Damn, even Beyoncé thought that was a little too much bling.

Not the ring in question, but it looked something like this. Ugly?

Everything seemed just peachy as the two prepared to spend a pampered life together. They registered at Bloomingdales and their equally well off friends and family bought them some fancy Vera Wang champagne flutes. The bride to be seemed to have hit the jackpot and posted on social media;

“You mean everything to me and I can’t wait to say ‘I do’ and make you the happiest man in 2016!”

Side note: Real men know to make sure and NOT buy a “fair trade” diamond. Human suffering makes your wedding proposal all the more thrilling. However nothing can match the thrill that Amy must gotten being in this relationship for the long game and snatching up that $125K diamond ring. Before they could walk down the aisle to married bliss, she ended the engagement and made off with the ring. Now Moss is suing her to get it back. The lawsuit says that while he asked nicely for the ring she is refusing. So now he either wants the ring or its cash value with interest and punitive damages.

Listen up buttercup: you entered a social contract. No marriage, no ring! He gave her that ring as a formal agreement that they would be married and in essence he would own half of its value. Now that she never lived up to her end of the transaction, she should refund him the ring.

Break Debate: Should the woman give the man back the $125K ring since their marriage did not occur?

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