Showtime Declares War On Mayweather vs. McGregor Pirates


Declares War

On Floyd Vs. Conor Pirates

8/15/2017 12:21 PM PDT


They thought they were slick … dozens of websites aiming to livestream the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight for free. 

But Showtime is preemptively striking the potential pirates with a big, fat lawsuit … mateys. 

The network is ripping a page from the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao playbook — where they scouted out a bunch of potential illegal streaming sites and hit ’em with a legal blow before the fight. 

There’s obviously a TON of cash on the line — some say the fight could bring in more than $500 MILLION … so, they ain’t lookin to let anyone skim from their pockets. 

In the suit, filed in federal court, Showtime is asking a judge to issue an injunction to block the sites from streaming the August 26 fight — and they’ll probably get it. 

Bottom line — wanna watch the fight? Don’t break the law … and cough up the $99 bucks like everyone else. 

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