'Silicon Valley' Star Amanda Crew Gets Wrong Number Penis Pic, Makes a Friend (PHOTO)

‘Silicon Valley’ Star

I’m Not Sarah, But

Thanks for the Penis Pic, Dude!

4/25/2017 3:32 PM PDT

Silicon Valley” star Amanda Crew got an eyeful of some guy’s junk when she checked her text messages … but her cool chick reaction made his day.

Amanda says the strange schlong came in the middle of a string of texts from a guy who thought he was texting someone named Sarah. He started, “Hey sexy girl. Can’t wait to see you again.”

Then came the pecker shot. Amanda let him down easily, and then posted the full exchange. She was nice enough to remove his phallus though.

The lesson: beware wrong numbers while sexting. Ya probably won’t be as lucky as this guy.

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