SJWs Shamed Steve Martin Into Deleting This 'Sexist' Carrie Fisher Tribute Tweet

Carrie Fisher’s death this past Tuesday came as a shock to many who didn’t think 2016 could possibly get any shittier than it already was, but we all know the saying: when it rains, it pours.

In the wake of such upsetting news right at the end of the year, Star Wars fans all across the country have been paying tribute to their Princess Leia…



…including celebrities, though most of them took to Twitter to express their sympathies.


But we wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t some stupid controversy a-brewin’, right? God forbid we go one week without people getting all uppity over nothing, because if there’s one thing that makes people feel important and special it’s pointing out problems that don’t exist and then acting all high and mighty about it. So what happened this time? Did someone make a dead baby joke (it’s 2016 and they’re still funny, get over it), or maybe someone called Amy Schumer fat and started an online WWIII? NAH. For the sake of variety it’s finally none of the usual suspects; instead we’ve got Steve Martin tweeting a tribute to Carrie Fisher.

For fuck’s sake people where is the issue here? He’s being complimentary. He says she was beautiful and smart. The only time anyone ever called me beautiful or smart it was through a thick layer of sarcasm, followed by a “SIKE!!!” and six months of me crying alone in my dark room (13 was a rough year.) Besides, it’s not like Steve wrote “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was one hot piece of ass. She turned out to be not that stupid either, COOL BEANS.” Go ahead and get pissed over something like that, not a tweet where he’s basically saying she’s got the entire package.

I’m not offended. Are you offended? Of course not. You and I are both smart human beings who don’t have tissue paper for skin and glass for bones. You and I are not any of these people who eventually forced Steve Martin into deleting his tweet:


Thankfully, the Internet sorta-kinda redeemed itself when even more people came out to tell all those PC idiots that there was nothing wrong with Steve’s tweet in the first place…


…but in the end, we’re still living in a world where Steve Martin has to delete a fucking tweet about Carrie Fisher because he said she was beautiful before mentioning how smart she was.

2017: we can only go up from here.

Were you offended by Steve Martin’s tweet? No? Me neither. Go ahead and talk about the sorry state of the world in the comments, but before you do that give yourself a pat on the back for not being an overly sensitive pussy.

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