Slow Dance Appears to Make Time Run In Slow Motion

Rendering something in slow-motion is an often-used technique that attempts to add some ‘wow’ or ‘cool’ factor. Seeing something out in the world move in slow motion is marginally rarer — rarer still if it’s in your own home. But do it right and that kind of novelty turns a lot of heads. Enough to go 8x on a Kickstarter goal.

Slow Dance, a picture frame ringed with strobe lights, generates the surreal effect of turning small, everyday objects into languid kinetic sculptures. It’s an intriguing example of kinetic art done in a novel way.

[Jeff Lieberman], a veteran of high-speed photography, takes advantage of ‘persistence of vision’ by synchronizing the vibrations of an object — say, a feather — with a strobe light blinking 80 times per second. An electromagnet inside the frame is used to vibrate the objects, while the strobe lights are housed inside the thick frame.

Slow Motion In Action

There are a couple different slow-motion effect settings, and the device is likely limited to small, flexible objects, so don’t go overboard with whatever you decide to strap into a Slow Dance frame. Of course, slow-motion isn’t limited to this dazzling frame and cinema — a Rube Golberg machine that takes six weeks to finish will do just fine.

[Thanks for the tip, Itay! via ThisIsColossal]

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