Snoop Dogg Mocks Trump Assassination … Again

Snoop Dogg

Mocks Trump Assassination … Again

11/1/2017 7:44 AM PDT

Snoop Dogg first took a fake gun to a caricature of Donald Trump‘s head and now the rapper’s come for the body … as in body bag.

Snoop posted this photo on Instagram Tuesday in what appears to be the cover to his next album, “Make America Crip Again.” It’s a spitting image to Ice Cube‘s 1991 cover for “Death Certificate.”

Snoop’s hatred for the Prez is no secret … and the rapper didn’t give a damn about catching heat back in March for his mock presidential assassination in “Lavender.” At the time … Snoop said he did so because “nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f****** clown as a president.”

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