Soak It In: America's First Beer Spa Open And Ready To Drown Your Sorrows

If you’re like us and think that anything is better when adding beer to the equation, you’ll happily imbibe this next story. The town of Sisters, Oregon recently opened America’s first beer spa, and It’s creating quite the buzz.

It’s called Hop in the Spa (yes, bonus points if you catch the double meaning) and unlike its European ancestors, doesn’t have actual beer in the water – but it’s very beer-like.


Basically, it’s a hot soup of water, hops, herbs and minerals with a very beer-like aroma. And of course, you can and likely should be drinking real beer while in the tub.


Would Homer approve? There is little doubt if he would be lining up to get a season’s pass.


Per its website: “Hop In The Spa is the first and only spa in Oregon to bring the benefits of beer inspired ingredients, minerals, and proprietary additives into cedar soaking tubs. These benefits include improving skin tone, reducing stress, and detoxification all while enjoying a pint of beer from our full selection of Deschutes Brewery beers or a glass of wine hand-selected from our neighbors at the Cork Cellars.”

spa girl

If you’re really hungry/thirsty for the real thing, you’ll have to hop over to Europe, where actual spas using actual drinkable beer exist. They also “recommend not having a shower afterward because it can soak in and have a high nourishing factor.”

They say you can even drink it afterwards, but seriously – how drunk or desperate do you have to be to drink warm bath water you’ve just put your butt in even if it does taste like beer?  Unless you’re Homer, probably not a good idea.

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