Sofia Vergara Seeks to Block Nick Loeb from Embryos, End Legal Battle

2/14/2017 7:03 PM PST


0214_sofia_vergara_NICK-LOEB_tmz-2Sofia Vergara‘s firing back at her ex, Nick Loeb, for putting her through the legal ringer for more than 2 years over their embryos … hoping to put an end to the ordeal once and for all.

Sofia’s asking the court to officially block Nick from trying to take control of their embryos with the intention of bringing them to term without her consent … according to legal docs she just filed.

She says Loeb voluntarily dismissed his case against her in December — after waging legal war with her since 2014 — to leave the door open to refile his case again. She insists it would just be a waste of time.

According to the docs … Nick signed a contract about their frozen embryos originally in which his rights were clear — he CANNOT bring the embryos to term without MUTUAL agreement.

In addition to an order, Sofia wants some money for her troubles.

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