Some San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Stuff

Comic-Con 2016

So, San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was this weekend, and you’d know that if you had Internet. Which I assume you do if you’re reading this. Good job on that. Be sure to text your parents and thank them. Warner Bros. and DC should also thank who cut the Wonder Woman trailer, because goddamn. This trailer makes me want to get my ass kicked by Wonder Woman then ask for her autograph. I mean, for real. Goddamn. And Sony and Columbia Pictures should definitely take whatever money they have and invent a time machine so they can hire this person to cut the Ghostbusters trailer. Because, also, goddamn. Dude. Seriously. Just watch. 

Then, as expected, Warner Bros. and DC couldn’t just let us bask in that for a while, because they to step on their dicks and drop Justice League “footage”. Fans on Twitter tell me its not technically a trailer, so we can’t say anything bad about it, but you’v seen Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and now whatever the fuck is happening in this. I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Unless this turns out to be what it looks like: an overly long Aquaman Axe body spray commercial. But at least they added “jokes” and nobody looks like they want to kill themselves instead of fighting crime. They probably had to scrap Zack Snyder’s idea about Batman choking a baby.

Pics on pics on pics on pics:

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