Somebody Got Shot And Stabbed In The Eye At Miranda Kerr’s House

Miranda Kerr


An intruder tried to break into Miranda Kerr‘s Malibu house. She wasn’t at home because she was at this guy’s house. But it didn’t go well. It didn’t go well at all.

A brutal confrontation at Miranda Kerr’s Malibu home Friday morning has left 2 people hospitalized … 1 with multiple gunshot wounds and 1 with a stab wound to the eye. We’re told a security guard at the house confronted an intruder who had just hopped the fence. The intruder stabbed the guard in the eye, and the guard responded by shooting the intruder multiple times. We know 1 shot struck the intruder’s head. The intruder and the security guard were airlifted to the hospital and both are expected to survive.

We really need white people to start policing their own communities or we should ban them until we get this thing figured out. It’s becoming a problem. TMZ has actual pics from the scene if you wanna see them here. If I had been there, this would have totally ruined my erection.


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