Someone Created Robo-Deer To Trick And Report Poachers

Without even touching upon the powder keg of controversy in debating whether or not hunting is a sport, a legitimate means of gathering food, or just primitive blood lust from guys who really hate good natured creatures, we can all agree that hunting out of season is just plain bad stuff.  But how best to properly enforce such laws and catch these people in the act?

ROBO-DEERS to the rescue. Yep, many jurisdictions are now using remote controlled faux animals when they believe illegal hunting is happening. They then have officers hide nearby, and remotely move the animal to make it seem alive. Once the poachers take aim, the officers are primed to hit them with big fines.  All the animal photos you’ll see here are robo-creatures.


It’s not just deer that have been used to catch poachers. Elk, wolf, beer, sheep, turkey and fox are also used in various places. Awesome!


They are all made from actual animal fur, and can easily be reused time and again. Enforcement officials can make as much as $30,000 per animal in fines from the out of luck duck dynasty wannabe shooters.

deer 2

In many ways, this reminds us of Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs Bunny, with Bugs of course as the wise robo-rabbit (or wobo-wabbit, if you must) and the evil poachers the collective incarnation of foolish Fudd.


There is sadly a very dark element to this story. The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, which donates these costly robo-creatures to poorly funded anti-poaching groups, says that at least as many animals are poached each year as are legally killed.

deer 3

Is it any wonder that no one in history has ever rooted for Elmer Fudd over Bugs?  It can’t just be because Bugs looks so hot in that dress.


Source: The Washington Post 

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