Someone Figured Out How Much Fresh Princes Cab From Philly To Bel Air Would Cost

It’s no easy task to become the Prince of Bel Air, folks. Sometimes you gotta invest a little bit of money in something in order to get a ton back. And that’s what Will Smith did in the 90’s during the intro of his show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which depicted him taking a cab from West Philadelphia to Bel Air. A pretty damn expensive cab one would assume!

Well someone with a little time on their hands and presumably nostalgia for 90’s television did some number crunching this week and figured out how much exactly a cab would cost to travel such a long distance. Y’know, just in case any one of us are able to travel across the country to escape poverty and crime thanks to rich distant relatives.

So how many kidneys do we gotta sell to take a cab from here to there? The cost would be somewhere around $7,000 smackeroos! $7,290 to be exact. Of course that’s not a bad investment considering your “auntie and uncle” probably have millions of damn dollars.

How many days and nights you have to spend with the cab driver, assuming they are able to stay away the entire time to get you there, remains to be figured out. God help you if you have to get a motel.

But for the casual viewer of Fresh Prince, one might not notice that the Prince hails the cab IN Hollywood, even though most people think he’s hailing the cab to get from West Philadelphia to Bel Air, thanks to the continuity of the intro. So what gives?? In the longer intro for the TV show, Fresh Prince is actually seen flying First Class and then landing in California where he proceeds to take a cab to Bel Air. Of course, there’s no airport in Hollywood so really the whole damn thing doesn’t make sense. For the sake of keeping our sanity, let’s stick with the assumed fact that the Prince took a cab from Philly because that’s what the intro is leading us to believe. Damn, editors.

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