Someone Flicked A Cigarette At A “Whoville” Christmas Charity Float Burning It

If ever there was an apt metaphor for 2016 it was this next story. A group that rescues animals called “Lost And Found Pets” used $1000 of donated materials and spent three months of work to enter a float in the Huntsville, Alabama Christmas parade. They constructed a “Whoville” house based on the classic Dr. Seuss “The Grinch” story and were hoping to win the prize money to help get more pets spayed and neutered. How frickin’ heartwarming.

However on the way to the parade someone flicked a lit cigarette onto the float which promptly caught fire and burned to the ground. A passerby, Amanda Dix caught the burning Whoville house on camera as “Santa” and the team tried to desperately save what they could.

Nobody caught the person who flicked the cigarette onto the float, but we have a suspect in mind.

“Burn it the fuck down.”

I always have a problem with people I see who flick a lit cigarette out the window of a moving car. I know instantly that I have absolutely nothing in common with a person who does this. They don’t want to stink up the interior of their Escalade or their Honda Civic with rims so they make the public roadway their personal ashtray. Next time they should just swallow the cigarette butt.

Jeananne Jackson the creator of the animal group told local reporters that she saw the whole thing happen as they were driving the float to the parade.

“Somebody flicked a cigarette out and it landed in the straw on our float and burned it to the ground. My husband was driving and I was driving behind him when I noticed the smoke, and other people did too. Luckily, several people came and helped us unload some of the stuff. We were able to salvage some of it, but the house we worked so hard on, that we were so proud of went up in smoke.”

At least they got to light it up.

They were able to salvage some pieces from the float including dogs, pigs and Thing costumes. Despite the attack on Whoville they were able to make it to the parade with a second trailer and display some of the toasty items. A Go Fund Me page has been set up for the Lost and Found Pets Group so they can continue their work with animals. Seriously, though F everyone.

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