Son Slowly Replaces Pics Of Himself In Moms House With Pics Of Steve Buscemi

It’s nice when a story rolls around to remind us why the internet was created, for really random funny crap like this. It’s almost embarrassing how much mother’s love keeping old framed photos of their kids around on display, even though you’d love nothing more than to never see your pimply 16-year-old self ever again. So one son took it upon himself to not only remove his mom’s photos of himself but also have a little fun trolling his mom while he’s at it.

The family photo takeover was pulled off by Kevin Manion of Wisconsin and as you can see it’s just perfectly ridiculous.

However as hilarious as it was in Kevin’s household, the internet appreciated it just as much after Kevin’s sister Clare Manion tweeted the images which received over 30,000 retweets. Goes to show you that the internet both loves trolling people and Steve Buscemi equally. If the two are hand in hand, the comedy is that much sweeter.

“She was in the kitchen and could tell something was wrong with my brother’s senior photo, like the colors were wrong, and his head was too big, so she walked over to it and started laughing so hard,” Clare noted of the moment her mom finally noticed that her son started to look like Steve Buscemi. I do love that she realized his head was too big and the colors in the picture were off BEFORE noticing her son magically turned into Mr. Pink.

Much like the days of Tom Green, it still pays off to screw with your parents every now and again. We can’t Kevin enough for bringing some laughs to the internet. As for Steve Buscemi, well, you keep doing you.


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