Sony Uploads Full Khali the Killer Movie on YouTube Instead of Trailer

Sony’s Khali the Killer was accidentally uploaded on to YouTube instead of the Red Band trailer earlier this week. The movie, which is a crime drama starring Richard Cabral, was written and directed by Jon Matthews and isn’t the most well-known project over at Sony, which means that this accident may have actually been a fun publicity stunt to drum some attention for Khali the Killer. Stranger things have happened and we now live in a time where actors “leak” things about their projects on a weekly basis.

The entire full-length version of Khali the Killer was uploaded on to YouTube by Sony and was labeled as the Red Band trailer. It has since been taken down, but it was up on the site for nearly six hours and amassed over 11,000 views in that amount of time. As of now, there’s not even a mention of the film on Sony’s YouTube channel, but screenshots have been taken to prove that it was up. Not even the intended trailer for Khali the Killer is available to watch at this time.

Khali the Killer was never intended for a theatrical release and has been available to stream or purchase on DVD and Blu-ray since November of last year, which makes one think that this was either a pretty big mistake or a weak publicity stunt. However, it still doesn’t explain why any mention of Khali the Killer has been scrubbed from the official Sony YouTube channel. As of this writing, there is also no critical or audience reviews for the crime drama up on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing.

While it’s still a mystery as to how Sony accidentally uploaded all of Khali the Killer on YouTube, it has given some pretty good jokes thanks to some fine social media users. Or at least one joke that was recycled and reworded a bunch of times, which is, “Trailer gave the whole movie away. Pass,” or a variation on the theme of movie trailers giving the entire plot of movies away. Some commenters on the YouTube video showed actual concern for the poor soul who made the error of posting the entire movie online instead of the trailer.

Regardless of publicity stunt or not, the world now knows a lot more about Khali the Killer than they did in November of 2017 when it was officially released. Sony has yet to comment on the matter and since it’s been a few days, they probably will choose not to. However, it would be pretty cool to hear what happened to the person that made the awesome mistake or if it was really just a publicity stunt. Either way, it made for a pretty exciting 6 hours on the Tuesday before the 4th of July. You can read more about Sony’s Khali the Killer YouTube fiasco over at Gizmodo.

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