Spurs' Gregg Popovich Lies About Being Friends With Drake

Gregg Popovich

The NBA All-Star Game is in Toronto so it’s almost a tribute to six god rapper, Drake. He’s coaching and partying. He’s being an ambassador, host, and attendee. Basically, Drake’s the center of attention. He even received the key to the city from Mayor John Tory. 

Gregg Popovich is coaching the Western Conference team on Sunday. He is famously horrible with media but he has been great with the media so far in Toronto. When asked if Drake would outcoach him in the Celebrity All-Star Game, Pop replied, “Drake and I are tight. We won’t compete against each other too much.”

Who knew Drake and Pop were close friends? It turns out, the friendship might not be tight as Pop claims.

The San Antonio Spurs coach was then asked what his favorite Drake song was. This is where the lie starts to become evident. 

The Donald Trump song Popovich is referring is by Mac Miller, not Drake. 

Nice try, Pop. This is why Drake can’t have any new friends. 

Pop didn’t really feel like going to All-Star Weekend and answering all the adorable but not really relevant questions. He certainly wasn’t down to coach the game that doesn’t really need to be coached. His staff had to step in and force him to accept the honor after he declined. 

His assistant coach, Becky Hammon shared

“A couple of other staff members (and I) wanted to do it of course because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us and eventually he gave in and did the league wishes (and agreed) to coach. I think he was trying to make other plans so there was a little mini-coup in the staff of assistants that wanted to go to Toronto and then of course he wanted to go and do whatever he does.”

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