Stanford Rapist — Special Jail Protection … To Prevent Inmate Beatdown


0608_brock-turner_MUGBrock Allen Turner — the ex-Stanford swimmer convicted of rape — has been placed in protective custody while serving his sentence at Santa Clara County Jail … to keep him safe from inmates who might harm him.

We spoke to a rep for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, who confirmed to TMZ Sports, Turner is being held in an area away from the general inmate population, and will have a deputy escort whenever he moves around the grounds.

He will be exposed to other inmates — but only ones in “protective custody” — which include people convicted of sexual assault, LGBT inmates and gang dropouts.

“They’re kept totally separate … so they aren’t harmed.”

We’re told Turner’s “protective custody” status is NOT due to the fact his case is so high-profile — but rather because he was convicted of sexual assault … and those type of inmates are often targeted.

Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to 6 months in county jail for raping a 23-year-old woman on the Stanford campus in 2015 … but with good behavior he could be out by September.

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