'Star Trek' Legend William Shatner Asks For Help To Destroy The Man Bun

william shatner

“Star Trek” legend William Shatner hates man buns and he doesn’t care who knows it!

Shatner went to the E! show “The Hashtaggers” for help in creating an “epic Twitter rant” to express his contempt for the popular hairdo, according to E!

“They’re a menace,” he revealed. “They’re out of control. I want to put an end to it.”

In the clip for the show, he’s seen telling comics Patty Guggenheim, Peet Guercio, Carl Tart and Kimberley Crossman to stay up all night and try to find the right hashtag and Twitter rant to share with his 2.29 million followers.

The group throws out the name of celebrities who have donned man buns: David Beckham, Andrew Garfield, Jared Leto, Chris Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The social media planned a tirade for Shatner to post on his Twitter account.

Yes, there are actually people that do that.

“Not since the Ten Commandments has a so-important rant been committed to tablet,” said the team.

The actor later rethought his rant and decided not to go ahead with it.

“I realize the only thing more ridiculous about man buns is a rant about man buns,” he quipped.

Shatner most recently unloaded a tirade against presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and his former “Star Trek” co-star, George Takei.

The New York Post reported that Shatner posted, “Trump looks like one of the aliens that assumed human form,” he told The Post. “(Bernie) Sanders looks like an aged Spock. … (Clinton) looks like one of those girls who wore a short, red skirt and got killed when we landed on the planet.”

“They would have replaced George Takei,” the 84-year-old Canadian-born actor said, mentioning his former “Trek” supporting player.

Shatner’s bestseller,“Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man” details the actor’s tough relationship with his former co-star, Leonard Nimoy.

Nimoy died in 2015.

“It’s a heartfelt book about a dear friend and I’m very happy that some people are reading it,” he said.

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