Star Wars 1975 Concept Art Trailer Brings McQuarrie's Vision to Life

Casual Star Wars fans may not know the name, but those who really know the franchise know that Ralph McQuarrie is perhaps second to only George Lucas in terms of creating a galaxy far, far away. His concept art for the movie is truly famous and is still inspiring Star Wars creation to this day. That said, his original New Hope concepts were very different than what ultimately ended up on screen. So, what would his version of Star Wars have looked like? We now have a better idea, thanks to this awesome fan-made trailer.

The trailer, which was made by the graduating class this year of The DAVE School, is titled The Star Wars, which is what the movie was originally going to be titled. There are familiar elements certainly, but this is a wildly different world. A blend of animation and live-action, this trailer shows Stormtroopers with lightsabers, a different Darth Vader, a female version of Luke and much more. Here’s what The DAVE School had to say about the trailer.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… we might have seen a version of Star Wars that featured a Han Solo with green skin and gills, Stormtroopers with lightsabers, and a female heroine named Luka Starkiller. Many of these anomalies can be seen in concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie’s early illustrations of the Star Wars universe. While looking back at these early paintings we can’t help but wonder what Star Wars would have been like had it remained loyal to the concept art and early drafts of the script. The DAVE School graduating class of August and October 2017 have answered that question by bringing Ralph McQuarrie’s paintings to life in a concept trailer for what might have been… The Star Wars.”

It’s truly amazing to think how much the original Star Wars changed during the development process before getting released in 1977. Granted, given the fact that it’s arguably the most successful movie of all time, it’s hard to argue against what George Lucas ultimately did. But Ralph McQuarrie helped him get there. Hardcore Star Wars fans will notice after watching this trailer that the Disney era of Star Wars has honored Ralph McQuarrie in a big way. Dave Filoni has used a lot of McQuarrie’s imagery for Star Wars Rebels, for example. There are also things like Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that allude to his art.

Even if we’ll never actually see what Ralph McQuarrie’s The Star Wars would have been, this trailer is definitely a cool bit of alternative history for fans to check out. There’s also a bit of intro in the trailer that helps set up the video, in addition to a whole bunch of credits. Even though it’s short, it takes a lot of people to make a thing. Be sure to check out the trailer for The Star Wars, courtesy of The DAVE School, for yourself below.

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