Stephen Belafonte Files Divorce Response and Wants Spousal Support from Mel B

Stephen Belafonte

Files Divorce Response

I Want Support from Mel

4/6/2017 4:24 PM PDT


Stephen Belafonte has just filed his official response to Mel B‘s divorce petition, and he made it clear … he’s not going away empty-handed.

For starters … Belafonte is asking for spousal support, though it’s premature to set a figure. In her petition she asked the judge to deny Belafonte support. He wants her to pay his lawyer’s fees.

They dispute the separation date. Belafonte says it was March 1, 2017. She says it was December 28, 2016. It matters when it comes to dividing up the property.

And speaking of property, both acknowledge there is community property on the line, which suggests there was not a prenup.

They do agree on one thing … they both ask for joint legal and physical custody of the child they had together.

As for Mel B … she’s gettin’ on with life, and lookin’ good.

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