Stephen Dorff's Bank Comes a Callin' for $800k

3/8/2017 4:58 PM PST


0308_stephen-dorff_tmz-3Stephen Dorff has huge line of credit with his bank, but he’s fully tapped out … and nearly a million in the hole … according to legal docs.

City National Bank says the actor and his production company opened a line of credit for $800,000 last year, but maxed it out. He was supposed to pay it all back by the end of 2016, but in docs filed Wednesday in L.A. … the bank says he’s gone radio silent.

As a result it’s suing him for the full amount plus interest … bringing his total due to $805,953.23, as of Feb. 28 — plus another $10 in late fees. The bank points out the clock is ticking, and so is the interest.

We reached out to Stephen’s reps. No word back yet.

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