Stephen Paddock's Girlfriend Talks to FBI, Cops Debrief Media (LIVE STREAM)

Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend

After FBI Interview, Cops Debrief Media


10/4/2017 4:45 PM PDT


Las Vegas cops are about to hold a news conference — their first since Stephen Paddock‘s girlfriend was grilled by the FBI, and we’re live streaming to get the latest.

Marilou Danley met with the FBI for hours today after flying back from the Philippines last night. The big question, of course … is she still a person of interest in Paddock’s mass shooting.

Paddock sent Danley back to the Philippines 2 weeks before the Vegas massacre. So, authorities — and the public — are desperate to know what she knew and when.

The news conference is set to begin at 5 PM PT.

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