Stoner Accidentally Texted His Mom About Weed, Came Up With Hilarious Recovery

That moment when you’re so stoned, you accidentally text your mom about weed…and live to tell about it. User @Ghost___13 prefers to remain nameless and we can’t blame him because he came up with a pretty slick backpedal after asking his mom a very random question about weed. A question that even we had to look up because we’re not THAT privy to weed terms. But it was enough for Ghost to fill in the blanks before his mom started asking questions.

Ghost asked his mom if she was “tryna match?” What the hell does that mean? Matching is a stoner term for matching an amount of weed in a smoking group. Long story short, you can’t be bringing an acorn if everyone else is bringing a pineapple.

Here’s what normally would’ve followed next.

But Ghost being the calm and cool dude he is noticed his mistake before allowing his mom to ask what the hell he was talking about. He quickly turned into a real lamb by switching it into a question about his mother’s Sunday wardrobe. Hilarious.

Of course, knowing a solid internet gem when he sees one, Ghost shared the funny quick exchange on social media which garnered him a lot of fans thanks to his quick but hilarious thinking. I’m already imagining how a Seth Rogen movie could take the idea of wrongful stoner texts and just run with it.

As for Ghost, maybe he’ll hide his phone before getting baked next time.

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