‘Stranger Things 2’ Is Here, People

Stranger Things 2


Awww yeah. Is everybody ready for some 80s movie nostalgia? I sure am. Winona Ryder at the Stranger Things 2  premiere last night is giving my penis nostalgia. The chick who plays Nancy could also get it. Consensually, of course. If she was into it. Also, these kids are super adorable. It’s a shame at least one of them will have to release a statement about sexual assault allegations in like 20 years. Probably the one with the messed up teeth. Oh, and Eleven looks like a corporate lawyer. Not sure where I’m going with this, so I’ll stop now because I gotta go binge watch the fuck outta this. I’m kinda concerned, because if they really want to be 80s, the sequel has to suck pretty bad.


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