Successful Model Reveals The Brutal Truth Behind Her Perfect Instagram Pics

When you’re working within the modeling world, the last thing you want to do is reveal how terrible (or at least dishonest) the modeling world truly is. Jazz Egger is a well known model herself and has big connections to the industry but that’s not stopping her from coming clean on the images that she’s posting onto her Instagram that are supposed to look flawless. In fact, they are anything but flawless. In fact, they take a lot of work to achieve.

She’s labeling some of her truths behind these shots with the hashtag #TruthBehindThisShot, for instance revealing that the above picture which is supposed to look off the cuff and random took 15 minutes to produce. Why? Because she was trying to figure out how to make her legs look slimmer.

Who cares about your legs, right? Even if Jazz doesn’t, the modeling industry does and really those are the people really looking at model’s Instagram profiles. It’s an extension of their resume and that’s why you’ll find photoshop and trickery at every turn. Even photoshopping teeth to make them look perfect is something that’s normal now. We had no idea until Jazz here revealed it.

Jazz started modeling at 13-years-old so even though she’s in her 20’s, she knows good and well how competetive the industry can be, so every inch counts. Can we really blame her for wanting to keep working? However it does fuel the problem that young girls who see these “perfect” pictures think it mirrors their own looks, not realizing how much editing goes into these images. Another reason why Jazz is coming clean on the stories behind these shots.

She writes, “Looking at my Instagram I knew that this wasn’t me. And I followed the system of stereotypical standards long enough to finally speak up. Even when you can only change the mindset of one single person to something better, you already succeeded. I will keep trying to help make this world a better place. Because this is what I’m here for. And this is just the start.”

Jazz reveals that she doesn’t even want to be on Instagram but says casting directors take into account how many Instagram followers models have in order to be considered. It’s amazing that that has become just a part of the norm, versus just the good work you’re able to achieve for your employer. She says, “Idk how to feel about this but hey this is me dropping a selfie to stay in the game.”

These agencies may get the perfect shot by any means necessary, but Jazz is keeping at least a little bit of her dignity by keeping it honest with her followers. Points.

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