Taylor Swift Has Already Threatened To Sue The Dude Who Painted The Mural

Taylor Swift

So, remember the last sentence from this post  yesterday? Taylor Swift had already Taylor Swifted before we all went to sleep last night. 

The mural was created by Lushsux, an Australian graffiti artist. He posted this on Instagram yesterday.

Jesus Christ, Taylor Like, aren’t you in Australia right now? Hook Tom up to his leash and go take a funny picture in front of this shit, post it on Instagram, and call it a fucking day. We’ll all be laughing with you this time, and you’ll start to feel the stick up your ass dissolve and get absorbed into your bloodstream as peace and calm, because for once, you’re not taking yourself so goddamn seriously. At this point, just hire Kim Davis to be in your girl squad, so you’ll have somebody to share persecution complex stories with on FaceTime.

Also, #RipHarambe.

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