Taylor Swift Is On The Stand At Her Ass Grabbing Trial

Taylor Swift

My apologies to these three young ladies who seemed happy to be attending a trial where their favorite has to take to stand to relive her sexual assault. I don’t know their names. I’m gonna go with Peyton, Ashleigh, and Kaitlynn. Congrats to them. That being said, we’re now in the fourth day of Taylor Swift‘s ass-grabbing trial in Denver. If you’re unaware of who grabbed Taylor Swift’s ass, back in 2013 Swift attended a meet and greet at Denver radio station where the DJ, David Mueller, reportedly stuck his whole hand up her skirt and shot his shot. He obviously got fired. Then in 2015, he filed lawsuit against Swift. Taylor Swift took the stand today for the first time and…good lawd.

Read Taylor Swift‘s testimony below:

Ok, so I’m firmly on Taylor Swift’s side here. She doesn’t have much ass, so if somebody grabbed it, I’m sure she’d know. The jury might be split if this was Nicki Minaj.

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