Taylor Swift Not Doing Mysterious 'Good Morning America' Gig

Taylor Swift

Phantom ‘GMA’ Gig Ain’t Happenin’

… Sorry, Swifties!

8/30/2017 4:06 PM PDT


Taylor Swift fans got duped hard into thinking she was following up her record-breaking single and music vid debut with a live performance, but someone pulled a fast one … TMZ has learned.

Fans thought Taylor was appearing on ‘GMA’ Thursday morning due to a DIRECTV search of her name which brought up 2 movies and ‘GMA.’ Yes, Taylor was in the ‘Hannah Montana’ movie and ‘The Lorax’ — but NO, she will absolutely not be on ABC Friday morning.

Our sources at the network say Taylor’s not scheduled to perform or sit down for an interview. It’s unclear why ‘GMA’ was included in the search results, but feel free to adjust your DVRs.

We’re guessing she’ll pop up somewhere soon though when and if “Look What You Made Me Do” hits #1, as it’s expected to do.

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