Taylor Swift Puts Entire Catalog On Spotify As Katy Perry Releases New Album

Taylor Swift

Takes Shot at Katy Perry with

Well-Timed Spotify Release

6/9/2017 7:04 AM PDT

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Taylor Swift‘s not dropping the bad blood with Katy Perry because she decided to drop huge Spotify news at the exact moment Katy released her new album. Boom goes the dynamite.

It might be the pettiest move — or just brilliant — but Swift dropped her entire catalog of songs on Spotify and other streaming services Thursday night. It can’t be coincidence Katy’s “Witness” album also came out Thursday night. Right?

Seriously … Taylor pulled her music from streaming sites in 2014, accusing them of not valuing her art. So, what changed and why now? Swift’s camp says it’s a thank-you to fans after her “1989” album sold over 10 million albums.

Her music will also appear on Amazon and Tidal now. Previously, it had only been available on Apple Music.

Katy Perry released “Swish Swish” a couple weeks ago … which everyone took as her diss track response to “Bad Blood.”

KP’s move.

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