Taylor Swift Serves as a Bridesmaid for Her Best Friend Abigail Anderson

Aside from launching a massive, record-breaking single and releasing a music video that’s spawned a thousand fan theories—you know, normal things—Taylor Swift has mostly remained out of the public eye lately. She even skipped this year’s MTV VMAs, even though the award show was premiering her “Look What You Made Me Do” video and, in past years, was a favorite red carpet event of hers.

After a year-plus of ups and downs, it makes sense Taylor would want to keep her private life…well, private. That said, if there’s one thing that can get the singer to make a rare appearance it’d be a squad member’s wedding—especially one where Taylor is a bridesmaid.

On Sunday, September 2, Taylor was photographed at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. (Taylor’s mom, Andrea Swift, was also there!) Taylor wore a floor-length burgundy gown with a sweetheart neckline and matching lipstick. According to E! News, an eyewitness says Taylor was dressed in the same color as the bridesmaids and flower girls, but the singer’s dress was a different style than the other ‘maids. We’re looking into who makes the dress and will keep you posted once we find out. Until then, take a look:

Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard


Taylor Swift celebrated her bffs wedding at Martha's Vineyard


As any proper Taylor fan knows by now, Taylor and Abigail have been friends since high school—the song “Fifteen” was famously written about Abigail. Since then, they’ve remained close. Abigail even scored an invite to Taylor’s infamous Fourth of July party last year—yes, the one with the “I <3 T.S.” shirt.

Taylor also threw Abigail and her fiancé (now husband), Matt Lucier, an engagement celebration:

Congrats, Abigail and Matt!

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