Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills Mansion A Historic Landmark, But Hold The Nail & Hammer (PHOTO GALLERY)

Taylor Swift

Bev Hills Mansion A Historic Landmark

Hold The Nail & Hammer!!!

4/8/2017 12:50 AM PDT


Taylor Swift‘s Beverly Hills home just got officially designated as a historic landmark, which means she’ll be getting a HUGE tax break, but it comes with one big disadvantage … she can’t alter a thing without jumping through hoops.

Taylor will need to get approval from the Beverly Hills Historic Preservation Committee if she wants to build a recording studio on the property … or anything else for that matter. A rep for the committee tells us it’s a complicated process to get the green light for remodeling projects.

Taylor purchased the Samuel L. Goldwyn estate back in 2015 for $25 mil. It was built in 1934 and housed 2 generations of the Goldwyn family before it finally went on the market.

We’re told the property’s architecture was the driving force in making it landmark worthy, and any remodeling will be super tricky.

There are various criteria for a house to qualify as a Bev Hills landmark, including architecture, and whether a significant person lived there.

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