Taylor Swift's Paparazzi Proofing Her Historic Beverly Hills Mansion

Taylor Swift

All Walled Up

Paparazzi Proofing Historic Mansion

11/19/2017 1:00 AM PST


Taylor Swift‘s literally putting up walls all around her, turning an historic landmark home into her own personal fortress that will be impenetrable to cameras — if all goes according to her plan.

Taylor obtained permits to block visibility to her Beverly Hills mansion … including putting up a 6.5 ft tall cinder block wall by her front porch and a 7 ft high retaining wall by her tennis court. She also upgraded and remodeled her front gate — emphasis on “up.”

Normally, this would be no big deal, but Taylor’s crib — purchased in 2015 —  was designated a historic landmark by the city of Beverly Hills. That means she gets a HUGE tax break, but it also means she has to jump through hoops to make the slightest alteration.

Phil Saveni, president of the Beverly Hills Historical Society, tells us Tay Tay’s changes are all good though because the walls won’t “impact the integrity” of the home.

Translation: It’s full steam ahead at Chateau Swift!

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