Teacher Arrested After Student Finds She’s Cheating On Him With Second Student

Most teacher student sex scandals come to light after a parent walks in on Mrs. Crabapple blowing little Jimmy underneath her desk during after school detention. But former Austin, Texas teacher Haeli Wey was more careful than that. Haeli is smart. Not that smart because she willingly had sex with more than one student, mind you, but when it comes to the trail of breadcrumbs she left out to snare underage boys in her snatch, at least she tried to be discrete.

Via Travis County Sherriff’s Department

According to My San Antonio, 29-year-old Haeli met the first unnamed student during a ministry program in Africa. Remember how I said “discrete?” At least she didn’t meet him in the parking lot at the local Chuck E. Cheese, or start off by tickling his junk in the back pew during Sunday mass at the town church. What I’m trying to say is, most of these teachers get caught because they’re stupid, but they’re also really close to home. Who in Africa outside of their ministry program is gonna give a shit about these two having sex? It’s Africa. The continent itself is actively trying to kill its people at every given moment along with the government. As far as they’re concerned you may as well bang it out because the chances of getting eaten by a hippo or lion tomorrow are always at least 50%.

And yes, hippos kill people. Look at this shit:

Given the choice between sitting on Hannibal Lecter’s face or coming within five feet of a hippo, I’ll take my chances with the option that at least has potential for box munching, if not 100% chance of murder projected in the forecast.

Haeli and the unnamed student reportedly had sex “about 10 times” while in Africa, and once they returned home from the trip the student would sneak out of his house to go to her home where they would also have sex. And because sex with underage students is nothing short of romantic, Haeli would often send him nude photos and pictures of herself in lingerie.

She wants dick and he wants the answers to Friday’s quiz, seems like a win-win here.

Everything started going to shit, however, when Haeli “went on a hike” with a second student she had met while working at a summer camp. She allegedly had sexual contact with this student as well, which caused the first student to end his relationship with her. If you’re wondering at what point do you ask yourself “Hey me, I’m getting dumped by high school kids for cheating on them with other high school kids, maybe it’s time to take a Xanax and get my shit together” – it would be right now. But by that time rumors of her sexual partners had begun to leak throughout the school, eventually leading us to where we are today.

After her arrest, Haeli plead guilty to two counts of an improper relationship between an educator and a student. She was sentenced to 10 years of probation on Friday, and will have to serve 200 hours of community service.

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