Teacher Escapes Punishment For Sex With Student After Judge Does The Unthinkable

Most teachers who are accused of having sex with their students wind up in prison and registered as sex offenders, but not Carrie Witt.

Witt was charged with two counts of a school employee having sex with a student back in March 2016. The NY Post reports that she was accused of having sex with one student who was 17 at the time, as well as another male student who was 18. Neither students’ identities have been revealed in order to maintain their anonymity.

But rather than skipping GO and not collecting $200, Witt saw her case be dismissed after an Alabama’s Judge Glenn Thompson (of course this took place in Alabama) ruled that a state law criminalizing sex between teachers and students under the age of 19 was unconstitutional. Many defense attorneys working with similar charges have attempted to get their cases thrown out under the same guise, however no judge has had the balls to go forward with it…until now.

The supposed logic against the law is that it violates teachers’ equal protection right under the 14th Amendment because “it treats teachers and other school employees differently than other citizens…in Alabama, other adults who have consensual sex with 16-year-olds do not face criminal prosecution.” Ok, but other adults don’t have positions of power over kids where they can say “Bang me or I’ll give you an F in English, you illiterate turd.” At the very least, this is a common sense law – the only people breaking it deserve to drink chlorine until they’re nuked outta the gene pool anyway.

“The Court finds this statute unconstitutional as applied to these defendants,” Thompson wrote in his order, according to AL.com. “In finding so, this court does not endeavor to absolve any wrongdoing or to excuse the defendants. Moreover, the court does not encourage any similarly situated party to engage with impunity in what may very well be criminal behavior.”

To put your mind at ease, Witt isn’t completely out of the hot seat yet – the prosecutors involved with the case are already planning a legal comeback. “We’ve already been in touch with the [Attorney General’s] Office and they are going to handle the appeal, which is typical when a state statute is attacked on a constitutional basis,” Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson told AL.com.

What do you think – is the law bullshit, or should Witt be let free? Let us know in the comments! 

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