Teacher Suspended For Saying "Get You Sent Back To Africa"

John Sousa, a boys golf team coach at Wesley Chapel High School near Tampa, was suspended after telling a group of black students “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa.”

Now, I’m all for taking a sweaty dump all over PC culture…but that crosses the line. My motto is, “If they could say it in a movie from the 1990’s, you should be able to say it today.” Yet try as I might, I don’t recall Forrest Gump telling Bubba “Suck this shrimp dick and go the fuck back to Africa” while they were out livin’ it up in Vietnam. So if a mentally slow guy can’t get away with saying it in 1994, there’s no way in hell an old white dude in his 50’s can say it in 2016.

According to Daily Mail, the comment was made in a hallway during a break between classes, though shit didn’t hit the fan until one of the students repeated it to his parents, leading to the following Facebook post:

I can’t remember the last time ranting on Facebook led to actual social change (wait, the answer is NEVER), but at the same time I can’t knock it — I use incoherent Facebook rants as a way to determine how entertaining that person may or may not be in the future. If they write like this… and don’t know what a period is… and only use ellipsis’… and then post statuses like “my bby outta town 4 werk n i  miss him so much!!!!!” or “For only TWO payments of $49.99 YOU can be the PROUD owner of THREE WEIGHT LOSS WRAPS and TWO bottles of WEIGHT LOSS LOTION,” then chances are they’ll be a good source of amusement in the near future. Jones, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t have made the cut.

Realizing that posting on Facebook is a pointless waste of time and effort, Jones eventually called Sousa to get his side of the story. “He actually admitted saying it,” he explained in a follow-up Facebook post, “he said it was just an off the wall comment and wasn’t meant to be racist. He said it was a bunch of male and female students in the hallway and he was talking to everyone. I believe he’s sorry but he’s only sorry because he’s in trouble.”

Well yeah — is anyone sorry for anything they don’t get caught doing? I crop dusted a group of third graders at the Natural History Museum last week and don’t feel even a shred of guilt. I took a revenge dump in my roommates’ shared bathroom just to get them to fight with each other. I even sold my roommate’s shitty Ikea furniture in the “FOR FREE” section on Craigslist one morning before she woke up because it’d been kicking around the main floor of our house for THREE MONTHS and it was either Craigslist or choking a bitch, and I am NOT cut out for prison. And no, I’m not sorry for any of it — nor would Sousa be if he hadn’t been caught.

District spokesperson Linda Cobbe, however, finds Sousa’s behavior “absolutely unacceptable” (which it is, and I hope I didn’t obfuscate that with my trip down Roommate Torture lane.) Speaking to ABC Action News, Cobbe said that “it exhibits very poor judgment and we will take appropriate action. We take this type of alleged behavior very seriously and we will not tolerate it. We are following our investigative procedures and will take appropriate action.”

A decision on what to do with Sousa in light of his comments could come as soon as Tuesday.

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