Teachers Are Putting Anti-Trump Questions In Homework: Here's Some Coming Soon!

You know, it’s one thing when it’s college professors ranting against Donald Trump. I mean, it’s kind of gross that a student who exposed one college prof’s anti-Trump tirade would be suspended for it by the anti-Trump college administration.

But at the end of the day, everyone going to college today knows what they’re getting themselves into. They know that American Universities are hotbeds of the Ctrl-Left, of rabidly anti-conservative anti-Trump views and pro-censorship views. They choose to be there.

But the anti-Trump campaign by America’s “educators” (using that word as loosely as humanly possible, like in the sense that you might learn a valuable lesson from a bowel infection) is now filtering down to the kids. To kids in middle school. They’re not adults (college kids are, even if they never act like it). They don’t have a choice about being there. They’re a captive audience.

Witness this homework question in a Staten Island middle school:

Note how this wasn’t even social studies. It was an English vocabulary lesson!

Naturally, the school let the teacher get away with it, with just a slap on the wrist.

So I think this is definitely not going to be the last time it happens! I’m going to speculate about some other incidents that you might see in your kid’s school in the very near future!

1. High School Extra Credit Assignment: Are you behind on your grades? Please see your teacher about getting extra credit for attending the upcoming Anti-Trump Rally!

Too crazy? Oh no wait, that actually already happened:

2. High School Art Class: A big thank you to a Mr. Soros who has provided us with the money to get some great new anti-Trump art to put up in our classroom! We’ll be putting these up in class, as a show of our support for diversity and against our awful racist President.

That couldn’t happen, right? Oh, hang on a second, it already did too.

3. High School Art Class: Today we will put up video of that awful democratically-elected monster Donald Trump, and shoot water pistols at his ugly evil face while shouting, “Die! Die!” This will be good indoctrination for your future careers as terrorist insurgents to stop democracy so that we can save democracy.

Way too much right? No, wait, that happened too!

4. Sixth Grade Assignment: Your President is a lying LIAR. To help you understand this, we will be presenting one-sided totally not-fake Establishment-media article repeatedly calling Donald Trump a liar, in order to help you properly understand how to feel about your democratically-elected head of state, and not fall under the sway of evil reporting by cartoon frogs!

This one is definitely too out there right? Nope, it actually happened.

5. High School Social Studies: Today you will read from the Teacher’s-Union-approved lesson plan about how Donald Trump is a racist, and he only won the election by pandering to huge racist and sexist base. You will learn that most of America is horribly racist and horribly sexist and ANYONE who voted for Trump is both racist and sexist.

Yeah. It happened too.

6. High School History: TRUMP IS JUST LIKE HITLER. Yes, LITERALLY. He is doing the exact same thing as the holocaust! He hates Jews even though half his family and a ton of his friends are Jewish!! HITLER!!!!!!!

Well, you have to expect by now, it’s real.

7. Fourth Grade Homework: Your homework today is NOT to watch the Presidential inauguration. We will not be watching it in school. Donald Trump is a racist, and you should not be exposed to him. Do not watch him, do not try to decide for yourself. Allow your teacher to make it clear to you that he’s a hateful racist and just believe what you are told to believe without looking for yourself.

No way, right? I mean, 4th graders? Being told NOT to watch a major historical event? Uh uh. Can’t possibly be real. OH COME ON!!

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised these things are happening. Or things like a 12-year-old boy being beaten by schoolmates for wearing a MAGA hat, and then SUSPENDED by his school. Because if you wear the hat, you deserve what you get and little 12-year-old Gavin was asking for it by having an opinion different than those of his teachers.

We shouldn’t be surprised because the Teacher’s Unions are full of totalitarian members of the Ctrl-Left. They see it as their mission to defend their union jobs and push their agenda on children to help indoctrinate the next generation of progressive drones. That’s how we end up with a situation where today more than 50% of Millennials don’t support Free Speech.

Still don’t believe me?

How about the fact that the woman who was one of the chief organizers of the violent assaults that took place at UC Berkeley, where under her guidance people were brutally beaten with metal bars turned out to be a Middle School teacher? Yvette Falarca is a Berkeley employer, a local teacher and condones the brutal violence. In interviews, she has said that anyone she feels is racist or homophobic should not be allowed the right to speech.

Want more? How about this video (WARNING: NSFW swearing):

This woman, talking about how “we need to start killing people,” and including the President on the list of people who need to be killed, is a Seattle-area pre-school teacher.

These are the people who are teaching your kids. No surprise what they’re teaching them, then.

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