Ted Cruz's College Roommate Hated Him And Explained Why On Twitter

Other than maybe your parents, probably no one knows your darkest secrets and the “real you” more than your roommate. For better or worse, they get to see you in a different light than the rest of the world. With that as the given, we are happy to share 10 funny tweets from Craig Mazin, the screenwriter for some of the Scary Movies and The Hangover 2, who also happened to be Ted Cruz’s college roommate at Princeton in 1988.

1. Movie Pitch

2. Lemmings

3. Consistency

4. Friday Nights

5. Rough Night


6. Of Course

7. Zodiac Killer

8. Leap Year

9. Welcome Everyone

10. Drunk


So, in summation, we are going to guess he’s not going to vote for him.

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