Teen Auctioning Off Her Virginity Has Finally Sold It For Over $2,400,000

Back when I was in high school (aka about one month ago, since I’m basically still a child) I spent more on my senior prom than I care to admit. Okay, fine – I spent $500 on a dress, $200 on tickets and then probably another $100-200 on random bullshit like getting my hair done and trying to bribe the bums who hang out at the liquor store to buy me alcohol. Altogether, that’s almost $1,000 – and what a fucking waste that was. What I wouldn’t give to trade in my prom “memories” (read: I don’t remember much because prom is a worthless experience that American teens have somehow been conditioned into thinking is a mandatory part of growing up) for a cool grand. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it’s no lower than #2 on the list.

So when 18-year-old Aleexandra Kefren decided to sell her virginity to the highest bidder, I decided I wouldn’t judge her. If she sold her virginity for $12 and a McChicken, then yes I would judge her – that’s gross. Have standards, Aleexandra; don’t do it for less than a quarter pounder and a few Franklins. Homegirl is way ahead of me though, as she’s managed to find a buyer for 2.3 million Euros.

Via Cinderella Escorts

How much is that in USD, you ask?

Translation: a fucking shitload.

Cinderella Escorts, an agency based out of the UK, has been kind enough to offer to broker the deal (taking 20% for themselves) for Aleexandra, as well as accompany her to the meeting with the man who’s bought her virginity; apparently it’s some rich business man in Hong Kong.

And they say romance is dead.

Via Cinderella Escorts

“I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway,” Aleexandra explains, “and I think many other girls have the same attitude. How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros instead?”

Um, ME. I would. So would you, don’t lie. The only difference between us and Aleexandra is that she was smart enough to keep it in her pants until some solid cash flow came around, whereas I was/am stupid and gave it away on a couch at 16 while The Ring played in the background.

“Ah yes, just the movie I wanted to make love to!” – No One Ever

What do you think – would you sell your virginity for $2.4 million? Tell us why yes, because when push comes to shove, no one in their right minds would turn down easy money like that. Not you, not me – and clearly, not Aleexandra. 

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