‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Struggling With Her Life?

Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is currently at home all by herself, as her husband is currently serving time in the air force. Before they got married, he decided to enrol in the air force, so he could get health coverage for the family and enter a career path that would suit him well. But he is currently deployed and Kailyn is left to take care of the family all alone. And it sounds like it is tough for her these days.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she feels like it is herself against the world. “I feel like it’s me vs everybody,” Lowry revealed on social media this past week, but didn’t elaborate. Perhaps, she’s just feeling a bit alone in everything that is going on, as she is trying to balance her life, her job, her school – all while taking care of two children. But her followers offered up lots of support.

“Just be thankful ur not Jenelle Evans !!!” one person wrote, while another added, “life can be hard that way sometimes I was also a teen mom so I know the struggle keep your head up girl!!”

Luckily, Kailyn has plenty of followers and people did reach out to her to offer support and positivity. It sounds like she has plenty of people following her who want to see the best happen for her. “Misery loves company unfortunately. You are strong. Show them that they can’t break you,” a supporter wrote, having others chime in. “Why do u feel like that Kail??…u kno u have us ur tweeter family we are always here to support u no matter what!!!”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet? Are you surprised that she’s feeling all alone these days and feels as if the world is completely against her?

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