Texting Grandma Hilariously Includes Wrong Number In Thanksgiving Invite

If you don’t already have Thanksgiving plans, you had better make a trip to the grocery store to snatch up a Hungry Man frozen meal before they up the price. That or you can text a stranger and have TWO Thanksgiving meals! For a 17-year-old in Phoenix Arizona, this double Turkey Day dinner may soon become a reality all thanks to a Grandma’s accidental invite.

Jamal Hinton thought it was odd when he got into a group chat with someone claiming to be his Grandmother and inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. He knew something was off when Grandma asked to include “Amanda and Justin” – people he had never heard of. So to make sure that Grandma wasn’t losing it he asked to see a picture.

Grandma gladly obliged with a photo for who she thought was her grandson, but turns out he was right and it was NOT his own granny. However he was still down for Thanksgiving dinner and Grandma was up for feeding everyone.

It turns out that this pic below is of Brandon– the real grandson and “Amanda” is his 23-year old girlfriend. “Justin” is his brother’s boyfriend. So Grandma just wanted to make sure to include everyone’s significant other at the dinner table. 

Once Hinton had Tweeted the conversation people started wondering if he would actually take “Grandma” up on the Thanksgiving plate offer.

According to Buzzfeed  Amanda says this might actually happen; “My boyfriend is talking to Jamal right now about Thanksgiving.”

I think this is a great way to make friends and get two helpings of Thanksgiving dinner. You can go Thanksgiving hoping all over town and see who has the best mashed potatoes.

More importantly what are you guys making for Thanksgiving? I’m starving.

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