The 8 Greatest Donald Trump Supporters Who Entertained Us All Behind His Back

donald trump gives a speech at his rally


There have been many Donald Trump rallies in recent months across the United States and there will be many more to come. The Donald’s rallies attract all sorts of characters, some supporters and some protestors, and some of them are just too good in their own special way.

So now I give you the best of the best trolls, pranksters, fans and crazy supporters that have been behind Donald Trump at his rallies.

1. The Book Worm

A woman reads a book during a donald trump rally


One attendee (upper right corner) at a Trump rally got a lot of attention by sitting behind him and reading a book the whole time, mostly blocking her face. The book she was reading?

Citizen. A book dealing with racial injustice in American history. One supporter near her tried to reprimand her, but she refused and kept right on reading…

2. Jimmy Kimmel’s “DTF” Dude

DTF funny trolling of donald trump at a rally


Obviously he was a plant by Kimmel, but it was awesome. Jake Byrd came across as a wanna’ be Texas Ranger that wanted to use a televised event on a grand stage to let the world, or at least Texas, know that he is D.T.F. Classic. Only in Byrd’s case, DTF coincidentally stood for “Donald Trump Fan”. Honest mistake.

3. Rainbow Brite

A rainbow inspired fan of donald trump at a rally


The person to Trump’s left obviously is the result of some Snapchat filter experiment gone wrong. From the rainbow-inspired shirt, sunglasses and whatever the hell that is they are wielding like an ax. Is that one of those beach whiffle ball games?

4. Giggling Groupies & Possibly A Pro Wrestler

donald troll funny GIF pulling on pants at a rally


At one rally, Trump does a little teasing with his trousers…assumedly for the adies! The row of groupies behind him loved it, while all the men sat stone faced and wondered “what the hell?”. Especially the former professional wrestler to Trump’s right sitting under the spotlight. He looks ready to take Trump to the mat in a piledriver.

The ladies were certainly all giggling in hopes Trump would make them the next future ex-wife of The Donald. Would we call them Trumpettes?

5. The “Here Comes The Airplane!” Duo

donald trump gets trolled at Orlando rally


At the very recent Orlando, Florida rally, two dudes were able to get directly behind Trump and during the rally. What do you do with that kind of primo seating? Feed each other a chips in the “here comes the airplane!” mode. They also spent some time grabbing selfies with the Trumpster in the background and generally being hilarious at other times. You can catch the whole, quite lengthy video HERE.

6. The Sleeper

Zach Etkind attended a Donald Trump rally in South Carolina and got a seat just over the candidate’s left shoulder. Then he promptly mocked Trump’s expressions, held up a sign that said “Trump likes his steak well done” in reference to Trump ordering a $54 ribeye in New Hampshire and asking for it well done. The best part however was when he pretended to nod off during the speech.

7. Children Not Even Old Enough To Vote

kids paint trump's name on their shirt for a rally


Obviously these kids wandered into a stadium thinking a high school football game was going on and one team was named Trump. One thing is for sure, though: their moms are going to be pissed when they find out they ruined perfectly good shirts. Luckily, the kids will be eligible to vote by the 2020 election, so they can vote for whoever they want. I think.

8. Woman Sacrificing Baby & A Bunch Of Other Crazies

crazy donald trump rally picture from alabama with baby


Wow, so this picture has it all when it comes to real Trump followers. When Trump stepped off the stage and turned behind him to greet his fans in Alabama, we got some awesomness. And the photoshop versions are even better. Let’s break down the starring characters:

First of all, front and center, is a scared infant being given up as a sacrifice to Trump by his obviously possessed-by-the-spirit mother.

lion king funny GIF with simba being sacrificed


Then you have a pink hat-wearing Trump supporter who is either a real trump supporter trying to be the one to sacrifice the baby, or she wore the hat as a disguise to get in and snatch the baby to safety before the mother gives it up.

And there is, of course, the ‘cheering section’ of the mother that is holding the giant sign thanking Jesus Christ for Donald Trump as he accepts the sacrifice.

thank you baby jesus gif with wil ferrell


Finally, there is the father-like dude capturing the whole scene. It may or may not be his child, but his lean back/zoom out technique is second to none.

I have to be honest, I am sorta’ excited to see the next round of trolls, pranksters, crazies and Trumpsters the next few rallies bring out. So frighteningly entertaining. But until then, this Trump compilation video should hold all of us over:

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