The Bachelor's Amanda Stanton Reveals Why She Has a Hunch About Who Ben Higgins Will Choose

In person, it’s fascinating to see the women of The Bachelor interact with one another. Everything not only becomes more real to those of us who normally watch the show at home over wine and popcorn, but you also get a better idea of the ladies’ personalities. And Amanda Stanton—the 25-year-old esthetician from Rancho Santa Margarita, California—might as well be the head camp counselor when you meet her in person. It’s clear that the petite, single mom of two is one of the more grounded women—and, as evidenced by the Teen Mom jab that Olivia threw her way, she’s very adapt at letting things roll off her back. She’s no different at the Women Tell All taping, helping the other women cope with accusations and supporting them when emotions run wild.

Although it was heartbreaking for Stanton not to become Mrs. Higgins, she’s very aware that they weren’t right for each other in the long run. It’s that maturity that has helped her move on and the reason, she says, why she believes one of the final two ladies is the right choice. But who might that be, and is there anything that Stanton wishes she could have done differently during her time on the show? Listen in as she candidly talks about why she signed up for this crazy journey, why she actually thought she was a “snooze-fest,” and what her adorable daughters say about Ben now.


Glamour: What was the Women Tell All like for you?
Amanda: I didn’t know what to expect, and I was so nervous going into it. It’s weird. You have to go back and comment about everything on the show, and you don’t know how everyone is feeling. Some girls are angry, some girls are over it. And then seeing Ben after watching myself get eliminated, I didn’t know if it was going to be awkward or if it was going to be fine. Honestly, I think it was really good. I was happy with everything.

Glamour: Looking back, do you think anyone got an unfair edit during the show’s run?
Amanda: There are a lot of interviews we do and things that happen in house that are never aired, but at the same time, I think what is shown on the show is basically the gist of who everybody is. I would say everybody was portrayed pretty accurately just from my experience.
Glamour: And are you happy with your edit?
Amanda: I think I was portrayed pretty accurately. Of course, there are things that are left out, and I’m sure some people will beg to differ. I may have come off a little boring, but I think everybody comes off a little bit to the extreme of what they are. So it’s like if somebody is a little crazy, they’re going to come off like a complete psychopath. And if somebody is a little bit boring, they’re going to come off as a complete snooze-fest, which I think was me. So I think everybody comes off as an extreme of what they are because you’re only seeing a portion.

Glamour: We have to talk about your adorable little girls. They had such a great time with Ben, but once you were eliminated, did they ask where he was or if he was going to come back to play?
Amanda: He was so good with them, but they did ask about Ben [after the fact]. When I was on my hometown date, they were around Ben, but they were also around a ton of camera guys, production people, etc. that they met a ton of people that day. Ben and I were never affectionate in front of them, kissing or hugging, so as far as they know, this was just my friend. They had an amazing time with him, and they have asked about him since. They love Ben and think he’s great. They’ve also seen clips of The Bachelor and will say, “There’s our friend Ben! He chased us on the beach!” And it’s so cute, but they don’t think of it the way the rest of the world sees it. They just look at it as their friend Ben.


Glamour: Who submitted you to be on The Bachelor?
Amanda: My mom submitted me to be on the show. I never would have submitted myself, even though I’m a huge fan of the show. I’ve watched it for years. I never would have even thought to go on it, but my mom submitted me. They called me, and I couldn’t pass it up.

Glamour: Since we’re down to JoJo and Lauren, do you think one is more right for him than another?
Amanda: I’m biased because I’m best friends with Lauren B., so I kind of always had this weird feeling it was going to be Lauren. I could just tell that when Ben came into a room, they just had something really special. So I think that being so close with her and seeing what I saw in the house, I would have to go with Lauren. But they are both amazing girls. I love JoJo. She’s so much fun. They’re both so great.

The Women Tell All special airs this Monday night on ABC. For more with the eliminated women competing for Ben’s heart, click here.

Photos: ABC/Greg Zibilski; ABC

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