The Break Down: Today's Facebook Trending Topics

This actually did happen and yet this still counts as fake news.

“Test” must mean test if they can withstand a nuclear onslaught from the U.S.

Sadly, it was a missile that missed the ISIS stronghold and obliterated a daycare.

And replacing their copywriters with So Cal skateboarders.

First the kid crashes a plane, now the dad kills 150 questions.

“$75,000 for a broken wrist?! Thank God I heave top-tier health insurance!

Shots fired! Now get ready for an epic clapback by the Secret Service. 

This sounds like it should be a completely fair and unbiased portrayal of what REALLY happened when the liberal media pushed a false narrative for a year.

It must be a challenge when you keep dropping MDMA before games.

From the makers of the Nintendo Keystone.


…how to defeat the robots, says Jon Connor.

Yeah, Religion of Peace. Good luck.

In his defense, they had no major evidence, just a bunch of minor accusations.

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